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Announcement: New Story – Evil Under Our Feet (Bonds of Darkness #1)

First of all, I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog!  This is where you can find out about all of the stories that I release, and how you can get access to them.  In this post, I’d like to introduce you to a piece of short fiction that I first published on the Kindle store back in July.

The story titled, “Evil Under Our Feet,” is a dark paranormal tale that recounts how the lives of a young couple are changed forever when they are forced to stand against an evil that seeks to consume them.

here is a longer description of the piece from its Amazon page:

Steve and Jane Laurence were aware that the previous owner of their home had come to a rather violent end. However, the couple had no knowledge of the dark forces, and brutal acts of violence that had finally driven this man to the edge of his sanity. They moved into his former residence with thoughts of leading a quiet life in the suburbs.

Unfortunately, things would not go quite as planned. Shortly after making the move, Jane Laurence began to experience some strange and deeply unsettling things. It would soon become clear that she and her new husband had unknowingly walked into what would become a desperate struggle not only for their lives, but for their souls as well.

I hope that you really enjoy the story.  If you do, I’d really appreciate a review on Amazon.  Not only will this help other readers get to know more about my work, it will also give me more insight into what you might like to see in future works.

If you’d like to discuss something with me personally, please leave a comment here on the blog.  I’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, don’t forget to check back here often so that you can find out about new stories as I release them.


Dan McClellan

Dan McClellan

The Return (Bonds of Darkness #2)

I’m very excited to announce the release of the second story in my Bonds of Darkness series.  I hadn’t worked on the series in quite awhile, and it was great to get back into the storyline.  If you’re not yet familiar with Bonds of Darkness, I encourage you to check out the first installment in the series entitled Evil Under Our Feet.

For those who have read the first story, I’d like to thank you in advance for checking out The Return.  Here’s a little taste of what I’ve got in store for you in this installment:

In The Return we find Jane, the lead character in the series has moved to a new town, and started a new life in an effort to escape the horrors of her past.  However, she quickly finds that true evil is not an easy thing to evade.

The nightmares that have plagued Jane’s sleep for the lest ten years are becoming ever more vivid.  She is beginning to feel that something dark  is circling, ready to lay claim to her new life.  Worse still, Jane is beginning to believe that this undefinable evil may also have set its sights on her son.

You can check out the full description for the story on Amazon.  If you enjoyed the first part of the series, I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of The Return today.


Dan McClellan